Friday, 18 May 2007

Some family works

Here is an early painting by one daughter of her little brother when she was 15. There are some later paintings of hers to upload in due course.

An early Advent Calendar by the other daughter who produces two or three different ones each year. They are very popular, more to come. They are all grown up now.

Harry R Mileham. There are literally hundreds of drawings, sketches and designs from a life time’s work to choose from.

Here are a couple of his life drawings, (timed drawings) at the Royal Academy Schools, the first verified/authenticated by Yeames of the famous painting "When did you last see your father". (William Frederick Yeames (1835 - 1918) )

Here are two studies for the painting “Wist ye not” which hangs in St Peter Mancroft in Norwich. A copy also hung in the Chapel Royal in Brighton. There are many such studies and one can see from them how his ideas developed to the final version shown below.

Also this charcoal study of a man with a beard. He did several of these exquisite works of which this is the least attractive in subject matter and aesthetic value, but still illustrates remarkable skill in draftsman ship.